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Education   (click)

 June 1990   Graduate of ESIEE Paris.
(Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Electronique et Electrotechnique).
 Oct. 1993   Training course AIX Unix IBM on RS/6000.
 Nov. 2000   Oracle products presentation.
 Jan. 2001   Graduate of EUROMASTER (7 months).

Working experience

 May 2007 - Dec 2012  
LexisNexis UK: Technical support engineer.
 Apr. 2001 - Dec. 2006 
Business Objects (UK): Technical support engineer.
Serveur products WebIntelligence Unix / Windows NT.
 Oct. 2000  NETOSCOPE: Apache+SSL, PHP, MySQL, SSL (Euromaster trainee 3 months).
 Aug. 1999   Impact Conseil: programming a management software
with WinDev 5.5 (3 months).
 1992-1998  TECHNIREL - CEE (Continentale d'Equipements Electriques)
Conception and realisation of synchronous machine regulators.
Software on PC interfacing with the regulators.
Implementation of JBUS protocol on RS-232C.
Use of Corel Draw for face fronts.
May 1997: presentation of a Web site to the marketing department.
 1991  Military period.
 1990  GEORGIN
End studies project.
Feasibility of a digital regulator of alternator, containing microprocessor.
Programming in language C and assembler.
 Aug. 1989   Bricaillerie (Avignon): salesman hardware merchant, seasonal work,
very good contact with people.

Data-processing tools   (click)
Windows NT, MS Office, SQL Server 7.
Unix, Linux, Oracle 9i. Business Objects.
Data-processing languages
C, Java, JavaScript.
Languages Fluent English; German; Spanish basics.
Hobbies Mountain excursions, swimming, data processing, cinema.

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